Last Balance Patch: 28.06.2022 | Current state of the build: up to date | Current state of the rotation: up to date

Condition Quickness Berserker-Overview

Difficulty to learn

The is a very offensive support build that gives additional boons to the group , , and some in addition to high personal damage. The main sources of damage are and whereas power damage is only a minor issue.

The rotation requires good and to fit all of the necessary skills inside &BuN2AAA=. The basic rotation of the build is fairly easy to play but there are many factors you have to keep an eye on to get the maximum amount of damage out of that build, which makes it hard to master.

As condition you can cleave a lot of targets during your rotation without losing any DPS by aiming &BuN0AAA= towards the targets you want to cleave. Cleaving more targets grants you more &B0IFAAA= which, in turn, increases your personal DPS.

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Very effective
Not Effective
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  • Both Condition DPS and Condition are running full Viper’s Armor with &AgGKRQEA. The Spiteful Infusions should be in the armor or in the trinkets to have their bonus permanently. The Malign Infusions can be put in all remaining slots of weapons/armor/trinkets. Both weapon sets should have the same Infusions to avoid stat changes during a weapon swap.

    The Heropanel attributes below were created with the following conditions:
    Active , and . As well as an equipped &AgFleQEA.

  • Armor

    Viper's Helm
    Rune of the Firebrand
    Viper's Shoulders
    Rune of the Firebrand
    Viper's Chest
    Rune of the Firebrand
    Viper's Glooves
    Rune of the Firebrand
    Viper's Leggings
    Rune of the Firebrand
    Viper's Boots
    Rune of the Firebrand
    Runes and Infusions
    Rune of the Firebrand
    Malign Agony Infusion
    Spiteful Agony Infusion




    Viper's Sword
    Earth Sigil
    Viper's Torch
    Geomancy Sigil
    Secondary Weapon Set
    Viper's Longbow
    Torment Sigill
    Sigil of Doom


    35.14 %
    150 %
    66.8 %
    10 %


    Koi Cake
    Tuning Icicle
    Salsa-Topped Veggie Flatbread
    Ascended Food


  • This is the default build of the Condition

  • Utility Skills

    Optional Utility Skills

    This utility should be used instead of &Bnp1AAA= if the squad needs more CC. (e.g. in the sacrifice mechanism for )

    This elite skill should only be used in fights where not much CC is needed and one sub-group lacks a source of fury. (e.g. for )

    When you prefer having higher dps uptime over &BuN2AAA= uptime (e.g. to skip shockwave on )

    When you have second warrior and you want to share banners, take this instead of one banner to extend &BuN2AAA=



  • Standard Rotation for the Condition Quickness

  • Opener
    1. &BvR0AAA=
    2. &Brc4AAA=
    3. &Bqg4AAA=
    4. &Bod2AAA=
    5. &Bul1AAA=
    6. &BuN0AAA=
    7. &Bu11AAA=
    8. &BuN0AAA=
    9. &Bnp1AAA=
    10. &Brc4AAA=
    11. &BpV0AAA=
    12. &Btp3AAA=
    13. &Brc4AAA=
    14. &BuN0AAA= x 2
    15. &Brc4AAA=
    16. &BpV0AAA=
    17. &BvR0AAA=
    18. &Bnp1AAA=
    19. &Btp3AAA=
    20. &Brc4AAA=
    21. &BuN0AAA=
    22. &Bu11AAA=
    23. &BuN0AAA= x 2
    24. &Brc4AAA=
    25. &BpV0AAA=
    26. &Btp3AAA=
    27. &Bul1AAA= will end here
    28. &Bnp1AAA=
    29. &BvR0AAA=
    1. &Brc4AAA=
    2. &Bl84AAA= x 3
    3. &Bul1AAA=
    4. &BuN0AAA=
    5. &Bu11AAA=
    6. &BuN0AAA=
    7. &Bqg4AAA=
    8. &Brc4AAA=
    9. &BpV0AAA=
    10. &Bnp1AAA=
    11. &Btp3AAA=
    12. &Brc4AAA=
    13. &BuN0AAA= x 2
    14. &Brc4AAA=
    15. &BpV0AAA=
    16. &BvR0AAA=
    17. &Btp3AAA=
    18. &Brc4AAA=
    19. &BuN0AAA=
    20. &Bu11AAA=
    21. &BuN0AAA=
    22. &Bqg4AAA=
    23. &BuN0AAA=
    24. &Brc4AAA=
    25. &BpV0AAA=
    26. &Btp3AAA=
    27. &Bul1AAA= will end here
    Rotation Video
    This video was created by Costa.

    &Brc4AAA= and &BpV0AAA=  have a very short cast time, so you can swap weapons almost immediately after use, minimizing damage downtime.

    &Btp3AAA= you can weapon-stow at the end of casting to cancel animation and gain some time.

    &BvR0AAA= will be reusable after several loops in different places, but you should never delay your rotation in the Disciplin-Build to use this ability early.

    As soon as an opponent has less than 50 % health, &BqE4AAA= should be used.

    The Warrior must be careful to pick up his banners before the cooldown expires to ensure a very high uptimet. You can find more information on this in the special boss guides.

    Use &Bnp1AAA= on Cooldown. Its easy to interrupt cast of this skill – it will go on cooldown but it won’t extend &BuN2AAA= so be carefull.

    If you have only 1 banner, Use combo &Bod2AAA=&BjJ2AAA=  during your longbow loop and then 1 more &BjJ2AAA= when its

    You can skip &Bl84AAA= Attacks or Sword Auto Attack Chains (&Bhw4AAA=&Bh04AAA=&Bhs4AAA=) if you have &Bnp1AAA= up.
    and do one SB Instead)

Contact & Videos

Contact person for Condition Quickness Berserker : Golden Banana.5194
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