Last Balance Patch: 29.11.2022 | Current state of the build: up to date | Current state of the rotation: up to date

Heal Alacrity Renegade-Overview

Difficulty to learn

The Heal can provide permanent , and to the subgroup. It functions as a healer which can also share , , , and on demand.

An advantage of the Heal consists in dealing large amounts of damage with the weapon skill &BjJxAAA= and the utility skill &BgShAAA=.

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Very effective
Not Effective
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  • This build has a little more boon duration than necessary to maintain . The increased is useful if you need a Heal outside of an organized group, or if you cannot make sure that all group members will always get all pulses of from &BuGxAAA=.

    If you need to tank it’s recommended to change some of your equipment pieces to minstrel’s pieces.

    The Heropanel attributes below were created with the following conditions:
    Active , and . As well as an equipped &AgFleQEA.

  • Armor

    Harrier's Helm
    Rune of the Monk
    Harrier's Shoulders
    Rune of the Monk
    Harrier's Chest
    Rune of the Monk
    Harrier's Gloves
    Rune of the Monk
    Harrier's Leggings
    Rune of the Monk
    Harrier's Boots
    Rune of the Monk
    Runes and Infusions
    Rune of the Monk
    Healing Infusions
    Jade Bot Core: Tier 10




    Harrier's Staff
    Sigil of Water
    Transference Sigil
    Secondary Weapon Set
    Harrier's Sword
    Sigil of Water
    Harrier's Sword
    Transference Sigil


    38 %
    150 %
    0 %
    86.93 %


    Delicious Rice Ball
    Bountiful Maintenance Oil
    Bowl of Fruit Salad with Mint Garnish
    Ascended Food


  • This is the default build for the Healing .

  • Utility Skills

    Optional Utility Skills



  • This build has no strict rotation.

  • Written Rotation

    As a Heal you do not have a set rotation.

    Since your &BoKjAAA= skills do barely any healing you should keep your Staff skills for whenever you are on Kalla.

    On your &BoKjAAA= you always wanna priroritize casting &BnayAAA= since it is the only &BoKjAAA=-Skill that heals.

    In your &BiNuAAA= you want to move the tablet with &BgtvAAA= on top of the stack or the person you want to heal. &BpFpAAA= is your go-to skill for healing on this build. Use &Bn5yAAA= when in need for projectile absorption (attention its not a reflect).

    You don’t necessarily have to swap Legends at 10 energy, even though it is a good idea to actually use the energy you have at hand.


    Available Healing

    Staff Skills:
    &BkpxAAA=, the last hit of your autoattack chain heals your group for a small amount.
    &BolyAAA=, heals and cleanses 2 conditions from nearby allies.
    &BtlxAAA=, after a delay a little heal is applied – heals more after an enemy has been struck.


    &BnayAAA=, pulses over a 10 second interval and reduces incoming condition damage on allies by 50%.

    The tablet from &BtxxAAA=, pulses healing around it passively.
    &BpFpAAA=, applies Healing after a little rampup, so precasting it is good when dmg will hit. Also applies
    &BgtvAAA=, moves the tablet and heals who it is passing through.
    &BkNsAAA=, removes 3 conditions and heals if conditions are removed. Also applies

    Rotation Video
    This video was created by Denrage.

    Your main healing sources on Heal consist of your Staff abilities &BtlxAAA= and &BolyAAA= as well as through the usage of &BnayAAA= and &BppxAAA=.

    The skill &BuGxAAA= pulses around you for 6 seconds. Try to keep your group in the area of effect during this time. Use &BiysAAA= off of to generate as much as possible.

    Your healing skill &BnayAAA= provides strong heals to your allies and reduces their damage taken from conditions. Also, this skill only costs five energy. It is therefore highly recommended that you use it at the appropriate times. Note, however, that it has a 30-second meaning it shouldn’t be wasted.

    Use &BiWeAAA= for if needed. Using &B9oGAAA= will also give you a powerful self-heal when causing .

    Your third auto-attack on the staff &BkpxAAA= will will heal your group. Therefore always try to finish your autoattack chains.

    If you currently do not need healing, you can weapon swap to Sword, but you will not gain much damage from this.

Contact & Videos

Contact person for Heal Alacrity Renegade : hologramm.5769 | hologramm#2768
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