Last Balance Patch: 29.11.2022 | Current state of the build: up to date | Current state of the rotation: up to date

Heal Scrapper-Overview

Difficulty to learn

The Heal is a viable off-heal supporter that comes with not only strong heal over time, burst heal and condition cleanse, but can also provide permanent , , , and for one subgroup.

Above that, he brings projectile reflect/destruction, decent amounts of CC, AoE blindness,  , resurrection utility (&B6cHAAA=) and a unique buff to transfer group damage to himself via &BpV1AAA=.

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  • Default equipment for the Heal Quickness . You cannot swap your weapons during the fight. If your group struggles with uptime hat, you can generate some with &AgF+YAAA.

    The Heropanel attributes below were created with the following conditions:
    Active , and . As well as an equipped &AgFleQEA.

  • Armor

    Harrier's Helm
    Rune of the Monk
    Harrier's Shoulders
    Rune of the Monk
    Harrier's Chest
    Rune of the Monk
    Harrier's Gloves
    Rune of the Monk
    Harrier's Leggings
    Rune of the Monk
    Harrier's Boots
    Rune of the Monk
    Runes and Infusions
    Rune of the Monk
    Healing Infusions
    Jade Bot Core: Tier 10




    Harrier's Pistol
    Sigil of Transference
    Harrier's Shield
    Sigil of Paralyzation


    5 %
    150 %
    0 %
    100.0 %


    Delicious Rice Ball
    Bountiful Maintenance Oil
    Bowl of Fruit Salad with Mint Garnish
    Ascended Food


  • Default Skills and Traits for the Heal Quickness-.

  • Utility Skills

    Optional Utility Skills

    5x condition cleanse for 5 players

    for 5 players via &B44GAAA=



  • As usual for a heal spec, there is no fixed rotation for the Heal Quickness . To keep the uptimes of the particular boons, the respective skills have to be nearly pressed off-CD. Yet, in many cases it is reasonable to delay some skills for secondary effects.

  • Boon Generation

    via &BwQIAAA=:

    1. &Bkx0AAA=
    2. &BpV1AAA= or &Bit0AAA=
    3. &BhB6AAA=
    4. &BuFzAAA=
    5. &B6cHAAA=

    Keep in mind that through of &BpV1AAA=, &Bit0AAA= and &BhB6AAA= is only applied after the gyros are depleted!

    All sources grant 4 seconds of . If all sources are used off-CD, they will cover ~110% uptime for the group, thus &BhB6AAA= can be delayed for /CC or &B6cHAAA= for resurrects, respectively.

    blast rotation:

    1. &BgzFAAA= (3 stacks, Blast Finisher after 1s)
    2. &BhB6AAA= (11 stacks, Blast Finisher, Fire Field)
    3. &Bu4XAAA= (3 stacks, Blast Finisher)
    4. &BjAXAAA= (3 stacks, Blast Finisher + 2 via &B9kBAAA=)

    Additionally, these Elixir skills (that you’ll use to heal anyway) will generate 2 stacks each via &B9kBAAA=.

    1. &BjEXAAA=
    2. &BlB1AAA=
    3. &Bk4XAAA=

    In total you will end up with more than 25 stacks of that can be applied each 24 seconds, approximately (the CD of  &BgzFAAA= is a good guidance to start the rotation again. These stacks will drop after 16s as the &BhB6AAA= pulses only last that long, but all &B9kBAAA= and Blast Finisher stacks last 30 seconds, overlapping with the following rotation.


    1. &BqUXAAA= from &B4oBAAA=
    2. &BqYXAAA= from &B4oBAAA=
    3. &Bkx0AAA= from &B/wBAAA=

    Using these skills generates 100% uptime, yet in many cases it is reasonable to delay &BqUXAAA= and/or &BqYXAAA= for CC.


    1. &BgzFAAA=
    2. &Bk4XAAA=
    3. &BwgCAAA= after cleansing conditions

    Your is very long-lasting, so &Bk4XAAA= can be delayed for an emergency stunbreak at some bosses. Always keep up to boost your healing power through &BwcCAAA=.


    Try to have one of your heal fields active as much as possible, as they grant decent heal over time:

    1. &BjEXAAA=
    2. &BlB1AAA=

    As long as no squad member is in mortal danger, bridge your time between boon generation with your auto attack heal:

    1. &BuriAAA=

    The remaining skills of the &BqoWAAA= should be used for burst heal:

    1. &BmtzAAA=
    2. &Brq/AAA=

    When using &BmtzAAA=, watch out to stand inside of the hitbox of your target – this skill shoots 5 projectiles that (if all hit) will completely heal pretty much any character.

    If you still need any heal, you can blast water fields that are created from &BpW/AAA= or &BlB1AAA=. Yet, keep in mind that this diminishes your generation:

    1. &BgzFAAA=
    2. &Bu4XAAA=
    3. &BjAXAAA=

    If possible, stay in &BqoWAAA= to keep the significant heal boost of &BwkCAAA=.

    Condition Cleanse
    1. &BpW/AAA= pulses 4x Condition Cleanse for 5 players
    2. &Bk0XAAA= pulses 5x Condition Cleanse for 5 other players
    3. &BjEXAAA= cleanses 1 Condition of 5 players
    4. &Bit0AAA= pulses 5x Condition Cleanse for 5 players and can substitute &BpV1AAA= in condition-heavy battles

    Blasting light fields will remove 1 condition from 5 players, which nevertheless will also diminish your generation. These can be created through:

    1. &BjEXAAA=
    2. &Bql1AAA=
    3. &Bit0AAA=
    Rotation Video
    This video was created by Plasti.

    Cancel the animation of &BjAXAAA= by weapon swapping when you are using this skill as a blast finisher.

    Make sure no non-fire fields are present when you start your rotation, as the oldest combo field will count for the finishers.

    &BqUXAAA= and &Bkt1AAA= can be used to reflect/destroy projectiles.

    Alternatively, &Bkt1AAA= can be an instant source of for 5 players.

    Skills that heal you (including heal over time) will also heal group members by 33% every 3 seconds due to &B3wHAAA= – this also holds for AoE heals!

Contact & Videos

Contact person for Heal Scrapper : gorKjan.5019 | gorKjan#5087
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