Application and Trialsystem

Welcome to the Lucky Noobs recruitment page. You will find all the necessary informations on how to join the guild and the requirements on this page. Below you will find the application form and contact data of some guild members if you have any questions or want further informations. Please check your details thoroughly before submitting your form.

At the moment: 2 Trialspots

What we expect from you

You can play one of the following roles at a higher level:

  • DPS Players: You are able to play nearly all Meta-DPS classes and you are willing to adapt your DPS classes at any time during a meta-change and to learn new DPS-classes if necessary.
  • Chrono Player: You can play your chrono at a high level and are also able to play at least 3 of the current DPS Meta classes or a fully equipped warrior!
  • Druid Players: You can play your druid at a high level and are also able to play at least 3 of the current DPS Meta classes or a fully equipped warrior!
  • Warrior Player: You can play your Warrior at a high level and are also able to play at least 3 of the current DPS Meta classes or a fully equipped Chrono or Druid!
  • Support Players: You master the Druid and Chrono at a high level, a DPS class is not necessarily required for this role.
  • Alacrity Ren Players: You can play every Alacrity Renegade Build (Power and Condi) with several Boon Duration Options + some DPS Professions.

Here you can see an example to fullfil our requirements! (Updated 03.09.2019)

1. DPS Dragonhunter
cRenegade DPS
2. Chronomancer All Support Chronomancer Builds + Dragonhunter + 2 DPS Professions (from "1.DPS") or an equipped Warrior (Condition/Power Berserker)
3. Druid All Druid Builds (Harrier,Seraph,Minstrel) + Condtion Soulbeast + (2-3 DPS Professions (from "1.DPS") or an equipped Warrior (Condition/Power Berserker))
4. Warrior All Warrior Builds (Power / Condition Berserker + Spellbreaker) + (Dragonhunter, Mirage and Renegade) or (an equipped Chronomancer or Druid)
5. Support All Support Chronomancer Builds + All Druid (+cSlb) Builds
6. Alacrity Renegade All necessary Alacrity Renegade Builds +
Dragonhunter +
Power Chronomancer +
Mirage +
DPS Renegade

You also meet the following criteria:

  • Ascended gear for all classes you apply for.
  • At least 90% of your classes should have a complete infusion set, whether AR Infusions or WvW Infusions.
  • A general class knowledge of all relevant PvE / Raid classes.
  • Very good knowledge in Raids. You should know most of the well known Speedrun Strats
  • Motivation and the desire to always improve
  • Helpfulness! Raiding several times a week, even if you already have your clear!
  • Openness to new tactics that differ from the practices of the "LFG groups"
  • Discord, as well as a microphone for communication with other members

What we offer you

  • Social interaction and the willingness to ignore your own ego for a good kill
  • Amazing Raids at a high level
  • Fixed raid dates (Mon, Thu, Sat and Sun + additional activities). Certainly you don't have to join 4times a week.
  • Experienced and active members with extensive knowledge about dungeons, fractals and raids
  • Profession experts, who are always available for questions and can help you out with everything related to their class.
  • Members who are primarily interested in raid records
  • Humor and fun in the game, especially in the Discord

If you have any questions you can contact the persons below