Last Balance Patch: 07.07.2020 | Current state of the teamcompositions: up to date


  • Due to the low toughness of , power classes benefit from this boss.
    The is covered by the in combination with the &Bg11AAA= of the .
    For the the is responsible. The green fields are healed by the .
    Because of the strong power burst of the in combination with is the boss phase of very short.
    Since the condition damage of both s + and + pet is enough for the red guard
    it does not require a third condition class. , , and pets receive the stacks of , causing the to do additional damage.

  • Both use &BkcoAAA= and &B+YHAAA= in this comp and therefore cover for the entire squad on their own. The covers .
    The can be ignored completly through the high damage of the group. is primairly covered by the through the use of  &B68GAAA= and &BkM4AAA=. During the ghost phase the Squad splits into 4 smaller groups each of those groups takes one of the spirits to speed up this phase.

  • The damage the group does gets increased significantly through the use of 7 DPS Professions that provide at the same time.

    For and the and the are also responsible.
    A massive time saving here is the complete ignoring of all cannons: Except the first western cannon.

  • A fast and good kill is characterized by fast DPS phases and an extremely fast CC.
    Every class, except the , contributes extremely good damage. The &BhkkAAA= is also very important because in addition to his strong CC, the entire subgroup gets heavily buffed for a short time.
    The combination of &BpWyAAA=,   and burst and the correct usage of &BrsjAAA= result in extremly fast phases.
    Because the group is very fast, it is enough to eat only one mushroom.
    and is covered by the .
    The is covered by a .

  • A very special group composition is probably the fastest way to kill at the moment.
    A Boon- takes care of all boons except of . Two condition-s with &B4YIAAA= are responsible for .
    Due to the strong movement of , is particularly strong ().
    Responsible for the reflect is the with &Bj4oAAA=.
    A reinforces the whole squad with &B8AHAAA=.
    The combination of Condition DPS and a Condition is very strong because the Condition buffs the by creating additional !
    This is a DPS increase for each Condition DPS .
    By good positioning and correct playing of all mechanics, it is possible to replace the with a for even more group damage on .

  • Because of the low of the , power classes benefit on this boss. Because of the seven power , you don’t need another source, which massively increases the group DPS because you do not need any more support classes.
    The resulting damage allows you to completely skip the of the boss. In addition, you hardly lose any Dps with the ghost mechanics, as the mechanics can quickly handle by chronomancers, with &BsonAAA= and &BuMnAAA=.
    The is covered by a . The statues can be killed with the strong cleave damage of the power- without going outside.

  • Because of the seven power , you do not need another source. This massively increases the group DPS, since the support classes are not needed anymore. The is handled by a .
    The Pre Event can be done quickly, because the first platform is managed by pull chains and you get for the second platform due to &BokoAAA=. In the second phase, the first port can be skipped with &BoZ0AAA= which saves a lot of Time and increase the group dps drasticly.

  • The massive damage results from the fact that the DPS professions provide . In addition, no healer is needed, as the provides &Bs2yAAA=  and the  &BrtyAAA= for self healing.

  • For this boss, a boon- provides all boons except , which is covered by a . The healing is handled by a &Bg1VAAA=. Additionally, the ghosts are provided by two s.
    The high damage in this composition results from the already high burst of the , and the precasting of &BrUwAAA=, &BswwAAA= and &BpWyAAA= in combination with &B1AIAAA=. This leads to a quick death of the boss, because the boss has little life.

  • The in this battle is provided by a . The is provided by a while being extended by the with the use of &BvwnAAA=.
    The is provided by the and a . With a lot of well coordinated damage, the will be broken in a very short time, allowing the group to directly do damage to the boss again.

  • The is generated by the with &Bg11AAA= in conjunction with a &BpKzAAA= and in the other group by a .
    The is handled by a .
    Through the massive burst potential of and in combination with &BpWyAAA= allows to deal 20-30% of HP during .
    By blocking the from &BlyUAAA= via the s due to , the group gains a further dps increase.

  • and are provided here by the two tank-.
    However, a condition damage- helps the with the so they can play more offensive.
    is extremly Strong on this Encounter, because of the high attack rate of Soulless Horror. This makes by far the best class for this encounter.

  • As with any power- boss, the &BkcoAAA= is used to generate on your squad.
    A Power Alacrity- is used to tank and to cover .
    By so-called Throne Tanking, the boss can be attacked directly, because he does not have to move until his &BlK8AAA=! Even after &BlK8AAA= is kept as close as possible to the center!
    Because the is healer, buffer and kiter at the same time, another DPS class can be taken along.

  • Due to the 2 Power- with &B+YHAAA=, you do not need another source.
    This massively increases the group DPS, since further support classes are unnecessary. The is handled by a .
    By using the swords specifically on and the arms in combination with good timed bursts, many intermediate phases can be skipped!

  • The and spirits are provided by the .
    Due to the very fast attack speed of the bosses, they are very vulnerable to , which makes Condition- stand out, since they have a large amount of .
    This effect is increased by intentionally giving to the boss.

  • Through a good coordination and the use of in combination with &BpKzAAA= you can provide every boon except .
    This is provided by a .
    Since this team composition can deal massive damage to he can be phased before he makes his CC attack, allowing you to skipping all pyres.
    The boons of get stripped through the use of &BhWxAAA= and &BtsnAAA=.

  • The boons are covered by a boon-.
    The is covered by  . The has to take Spirits.
    Due to massive burst damage of and , it is possible to completly skip the pillar mechanic.
    You have to split in two / four Groups for the splitphases to have as fast as possible splitphases

  • is covered by a . The is covered by the and the , and spirits are covered by the .
    The combination of a variety of CC skills and the complete ignoring of the shockwave by saber 3() , &BptUAAA= (), results in an almost directly broken ! By ignoring / skipping the shockwave you don’t lose your Special Action Key and can use it directly for the .
    The platform changes can be skipped by &BtUnAAA=.
    The high damage also allows you to skip most of the mechanics.

  • The is provided by a and a .
    For the are two Condi- with &B4YIAAA= responsible.
    The damage of this tactic comes from the very high damage of the and the which cover the kiting at the same time.
    As a result, if the damage is correct, you can skip CC phases of (30% to 20%)!
    By selectively placing the firefields and breaking the CC Bar by the all anomalies can be ignored!

  • Vale Guardian



    : is tank.

    : Use &BiQxAAA= to stop the .

    Two of the should swap sides during the Split phase to alternate &BlkxAAA= on the green guardian.

    Strategy Summary

    Before the start of the fight, a can be used to blast . Now the group can run towards without starting the fight.

    In all 3 DPS phases is tanked in the middle of the arena so all DPS classes can do the best damage possible.
    The green field through &Bmx6AAA= can be completely ignored! The tries to heal up the group as fast as possible!

    In both split-phases the group is doing a three way split, so all three guards die at the same time. The distribution of the classes can be found in the positioning picture!

    Alternative classes

    , , (Power) ,
    (Power), (Power)

    Build & Positioning

    You can swap out scepter for a greatsword, which you should use at the end of each phase!
    Use &BkytAAA= in the split, as it will be reset after killing the .
    Use &BrCeAAA=, &BlqxAAA= and for the CC on the .

    Use &Bl4xAAA= for CC in the Split Phase.

    84% Boon Duration.
    Uses &BjJxAAA= to CC.
    Activate &BuGxAAA= at the end of each DPS phase.

    Use &Bk84AAA= in each split phase for CC.
    Pick up your banners at the end of each phase and place them again immediately for the next phase.

    Use &BiQxAAA= to stop the .
    For faster groups:
    Use CC for the split phase.

    should use  &BkcoAAA= and &Bl54AAA= it should be made sure that in each Boss Phase one &BkcoAAA= is available.

  • Gorseval the Multifarious



    and sharing to their group so cant knock back the group.

    It’s extremly important that and have permanent , &BnwjAAA= can be used for that.

    Since 2 are used here the  &Bkc4AAA=and &BkU4AAA= should be split.

    All und should use &Bv12AAA=.

    The tanks in this group setup.

    Strategy Summary

    • At the beginning of the battle, a can be used to blast .
    • In all 3 DPS phases is tanked in the middle of the arena. Since we have the necessary damage for this tactic, we don’t have to pull him to the edge of the arena to use a updraft.
    • The CC bar gets ignored through overdpsing  and use &BqBUAAA=, the  uses &Bs2yAAA= while the bar is up.
    • In the split phase the whole squad is divided into four groups that try to kill the ghosts at the same time (distribution under Positioning)
    • Perhaps the most important thing about this strategy is that no DPS class holds back damage. It is very important that the ghosts are killed by all 4 groups as soon as possible.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPS Classes
    (Power) , (Power), , ,
    Alternative Support Classes
    (Offtank) (You dont need an anymore)

    (Might/Heal) -> has to use spirits!

    Build & Positioning

    Use &BjJxAAA= and &BgShAAA= or &BvZuAAA= for CC if the isn’t skipped.
    Activate &BiysAAA= in the split.
    Starts the fight on &BoKjAAA=.

    Pick up your banners at the end of each phase and place them again immediately.
    Activate &Bu11AAA= early in the phase to be ready for the CC.
    For additional CC you can use &BvV0AAA=.
    Play &B8oFAAA= to support the group with extra .
    The trait &B68GAAA= is used together with &BkM4AAA= to provide and .

    Sword Start.
    Use &BqBUAAA= for CC Phase .
    Communicate your &Bk11AAA= Usage with other s.
    You are playing &B3ACAAA= so is important to keep up .

    Sword Start.
    Use &BqBUAAA= for CC Phase .
    Communicate your &Bk11AAA= Usage with other s.
    You are playing &B3ACAAA= so is important to keep up .
    You should use &BoUjAAA= at the begin of each boss phsae to buff your subgroup with 216 .
    Through the use of &BnwjAAA= you help your subgroup to maintain and

    Talk to the other in your raid to make sure there is atleast one &BkcoAAA= in each boss phase.
    Use &B+YHAAA= to provide for your group.

    Use &BtEwAAA= to buff the raid.
    Through the use of &BpKzAAA= in combination with &B1AIAAA= you make it easier for your subgroup to keep up boons.

  • Sabetha the Saboteur



    The and the use and &BsonAAA= to pull the sappers into the group.

    The gets the green bombs and kites the flak shots of

    The should coordinate their &BkcoAAA= to provide permanent .


    Strategy Summary

    • The peculiarity of this tactic is that you have to skip the southern, eastern and (northern) cannon permanently and not destroy it. This will increase the number of players at , which will increase the overall damage a lot.
    • It is especially important that no one delays their rotation to do more damage to . All three champions should die as soon as possible.
    • Note: Care when the northern cannon is active. At this time, the damage fields of the northern and southern cannon overlap. Pay special attention to your positioning.
    • If your group is fast enough, you only need to destroy the western cannon (8:00) once. For added safety, you can also destroy the northern cannon (7:30) once.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPS Classes
    (Power),  , ,

    (2x) (Both s have to play with &B4YIAAA= for

    Alternative Support Classes
    (2x) (You do not need an anymore)


    Build & Positioning

    Do the Northern Cannon if needed.
    Take the first Flak from while giving .
    Activate &Bs2yAAA= for Karde+Phase

    Do not play with &BwUIAAA=!
    Destroy the time bombs during the champion phases.
    Use your warhorn skills, such as &Bk0xAAA= when you are close to the boss.
    Always use &Bv19AAA= during the flame wall.

    Pick up your banners at the end of each DPS phase and place them back immediately.
    As your task is to kill the western cannon. Use &BlM4AAA= to provide .

  • Slothasor



    or can bring &BsIjAAA= or &BrIVAAA= to negate the shake for the group.

    can bring &BsEjAAA= for against the .

    Skills that provide such as &Bh0xAAA= and &BssnAAA= can be used to manipulate the fixation. ww

    Strategy Summary

    The goal of the fight is to kill while eating as few mushrooms as necessary. If you have an experienced group, you only need one mushroom.
    This tactic is designed to break the as quickly as possible and get the most damage out of all DPS classes.
    Another goal of this tactic is to skip the 10% by killing while he is shaking at around 12%.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPS Classes

    (Power) , (Power) , (DPS Power)

    Alternative Support Classes


    Build & Positioning

    Get Infight-> Start with 100% on &BoKjAAA=.
    CC with &BjJxAAA= (And &BgShAAA=) .
    Use &BmRvAAA= before each for .

    Use &BiysAAA= to provide .

    Use &Bl4xAAA= to Pull Slublings
    CC with &Bt8wAAA= or &Bl4xAAA=
    If more CC is required, play with and use &BjSiAAA= for each Breakbar.

    &BrsjAAA= inside of when Slublings are close.
    Use &BngjAAA= (Lightning Field Finisher) and &BoUjAAA= for CC.
    Use &Bk11AAA= for Tantrum or Shake.

    Use &BtwnAAA= to reduce &BineAAA= Cooldown.
    CC: &BineAAA= &BtwnAAA= &BigoAAA=
    Pull Slublings with &BsonAAA=
    &BtAnAAA= 20% Shake

    Use mace/shield in the second weapon set.
    Precastet Adrenalin: Infight -> &Bu11AAA= -> weapon swap -> weapon swap -> …
    Use &Bqc4AAA=, &Bhk4AAA= and &Bu9zAAA= for CC.

    Use &BlM4AAA= to provide for your group.

    Pick up your banners when is about to phase and cast them again.

    &BsavAAA= and &BjcWAAA= should be used for s.

    Use your facets everytime they are up to benefit from the lingering effect. Use &BjJxAAA= for every .

  • Matthias Gabrel



    Mechanics such as the fire fountain should be completed quickly in order to make damage again as soon as possible.
    If more healing is needed, the can be swapped with a .

    Strategy Summary

    Nothing changes in the basic way the boss is played.
    Because of the high damage there are only one or two , but for these you should have enough -damage.
    The projectiles of Shards of Rage gets destroyed by the and , so the group does not get any damage.
    The gives the . This makes them do significantly more damage.
    Responsible for the reflect is the with &Bj4oAAA=.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPSclasses
    , ,

    Build & Positioning

    The banners should be divided among the berserkers.
    &Bod2AAA= should be used as -damage.

    should be stolen before the fight begins.
    The projectiles from Shards of Rage should be destroyed by &BgkzAAA=

    Plays with &B8AHAAA=.
    &Bp1UAAA=, &BscWAAA= and &BhmkAAA= should be used for -damage.

    Reflects the projectiles, while is in his protective dome, with &Bj4oAAA=.
    &BvUnAAA= should be used for -damage.

    Plays with &B4YIAAA= and presses &BuGxAAA= on cooldown.

    You should play with or with . Since there is no druid in the composition, the must provide &Bg1VAAA= and &BtIwAAA=.

    Generate as much as possible. To make this possible you should exchange the earth traitline with the water traitline and select 2-3-2.

  • Keep Construct



    Each has to play with &BkcoAAA= for . Coordinate with your group when which activates it!

    With the usage of two &BnsoAAA= the Orb can be directly pulled out in the 3rd phase.

    If your group needs more healing the can switch to the Heal variant.

    If your uptime is not good enough, a can switch to the Support Boon variant.

    Atleast one should play with &BmUoAAA= to provide to trigger &B7QCAAA= prior to reaching 50%.

    Strategy Summary

    The goal of this strategy is to phase before his is broken. So you can easily skip a big part of the fight!
    For this purpose is tanked in the middle of the arena and both illusions should die simultaneously in the middle before they can merge!
    As soon as the appears no more Hard-CC should be used.
    In the last phase the boss is killed in the middle before the illusions can merge, however if DPS is lacking the squad can split into 2 groupsb to kill both illusions in range of at the same time.
    In that case, once this is done ‘s appears and should be broken. Now you finish the Fight with one Orb for the last DPS Phase.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative Team Composition

    Grp1: , , , ,
    Grp2: , , ,

    Alternative DPS Classes

    (Power) , (Power) , (Power)

    Build & Positioning

    Re-place your banners each phase and pick them up again at the end of a phase.
    If you need more CC, you can play mace and cc with &Bqc4AAA= and &Bk84AAA=.
    You havte toplay with &BlM4AAA= for and .
    Start with axe for adrenaline. Use &Bu11AAA= during his pizza attack to heal yourself!

    Use a &AgHBmgAA to tank.
    Activate &BjQxAAA= for to prevent knockdown.
    Spam &BmuCAAA= and &BvJ9AAA= alternately during the pizza attack.

    Start on &BoKjAAA=.
    Use &BuGxAAA= on Cooldown in the Orb Collection Phase.
    Use &Bs2yAAA= during Pizza Attack.
    &BjJxAAA= and &BvZuAAA= for CC in the last phase

    Coordinate &BkcoAAA=s
    Use &BoZ0AAA= to pull Illusions together + kill them with &BuMnAAA= (Mechanic Phase)
    Use &BigoAAA= to block the jump

  • Xera



    Each has to playwith  &BkcoAAA= for . Coordinate with your group when which activates it!

    The has to tank . Therefore the Minstrel variant is highly recommended!

    Two s have to use &BnsoAAA= to pull the Xera mobs into the group.

    If your group needs more healing, the can switch to the heal variant.

    If your uptime is not good enough, a can switch to the Support Boon variant.

    Strategy Summary

    For the Pre-Event the group will be divided into two groups of 5.
    On the main platform we tank up to the 50% phase in the middle. The adds will be pulled and killed.
    The good DPS allows us to skip the laser in the middle.
    For the second 50% we also start in the middle and move towards Tank Spot 2 (9:30 am) after the bubble attack. On this tank spot will die.
    The first port event (40%) can be bypassed. The s port themselves back to the main platform using &BoZ0AAA=. or can take the portal back.

    Alternative classes

    This team composition is very special and can not be changed that easiely!
    If you try to replace the DPS you have to play with a support . But you can’t skip the port event anymore!
    If you decide to play with a Support variant, the following classes will be very strong in the encounter:

    Alternative DPS classes:

    (Condition) , (Power) , (Power) , (Condition)

    Alternative support classes:


    Build & Positioning

    Minstrel Build!
    Pull Orbs or Adds with &BsSgAAA=.
    Precast on the last platform.
    Double + &BvJ9AAA= for ‘s &BsGIAAA=.

    Use &BjJxAAA= for CC if CC is bad.
    Precast on the last Plattform.
    Use &BiysAAA= in Preevent for .

    You have to use &BlM4AAA= for and .
    Play offhand mace for additional CC with &Bk84AAA=.
    If you are ported together(!) with the (40%) AFK on the platform! Do not finish the Pre-Event by yourself!

    &BoZ0AAA= Pull Chain for Preevent.
    &BkcoAAA= on 1st (Record Speed) and 2nd Plattform (Normal Speed) for .
    Use &BoZ0AAA= around 42% for DMG and port back immediately if you get ported.

  • Cairn the Indomitable


    • The must press &BuGxAAA= for additional .
    • The must take &BsEjAAA= for .
    • If you have problems with the can play the Power Support variant.
    • If you are playing with a he can use minstrel equipment to help you survive.

    Strategy Summary

    The whole group should already be on the platform when appears!
    Basically all green fields are bypassed with .
    The is the person who stands furthest away from to tank his autoattacks.

    Alternative classes

    Standard team composition

    Grp1: (Support) , (DPS) , (DPS) ,   (DPS) , (Heal)
    Grp2: (DPS) , (DPS) , (Quickness) , (Power) , (Alacrity)

    Alternative DPS classes

    (Condition) , (Condition) , (Power) , (Condition) , (Condition)

    Build & Positioning

    Play with &BlM4AAA= to provide.

    Use &BkcoAAA= to provide for the entire squad.

    Use your facet skills to provide various boons to the squad.

    Use &BiysAAA= on Cooldown. Use &BmRvAAA= just before Spatial Manipulation (green circle) to provide .

    Use &BjKeAAA= and &BpWyAAA= on Cooldown. Play with &B1AIAAA= and &BtEwAAA= to buff your Power DPS professions.

  • Mursaat Overseer



    Warrior has to run with the Traitline to provide &B8oFAAA= for the entire Squad.
    If your group is struggeling with Scholar Uptime your can switch to the Healing Variant.
    Do not cast Protect to early, else you will die from the explotion from the Jade Scouts.

    Strategy Summary

    The goal of this strategy is to kill before the jade statues reach the group.
    Should they still reach the group, Protect must be placed under the group.
    Basically, no Jade Statues are cleaved on the way to the end of the platform, you should only focus on boss damage.
    The has to take Claim and tank in the middle of the arena.
    Dispel is taken over by the and Protect can be taken over by anyone.
    It is important that the boon can presteal from for .
    &Bg1VAAA= and &BtEwAAA= is kept alive by &BskwAAA=.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPS Classes:

    (Condition DPS), (Power), (Power), (Power), (Power) , (Power)

    Alternative Support Classes:

    (Condition), (Heal)

    Build & Positioning

    Do not turn the Boss
    Try to sync your &Bs2yAAA= with the Burst

    You have to play with &BlM4AAA=
    You can use Protect

    Presteal .
    Use /&BtYyAAA= on Cooldown.
    Normal DPS Rotation

    One has to take &Bg1VAAA=.
    One has to take &BtEwAAA=.
    Precast &BskwAAA= and &BswwAAA=.
    Use &BpWyAAA= whith &B1AIAAA= while swapping to &B18IAAA=  when the fight is about to start.
    Precast everything you want to.

  • Samarog



    The damage should be discussed so that no damage is wasted and you have enough for the next .

    The support-has to play with &BkcoAAA= and &BvwnAAA=.

    Strategy Summary

    The most important thing in this encounter is the CC. That’s why we play with the best mix of CC and DPS.
    The fixations here are the and the .
    In the split phase, rigom is pulled under by the with &BsonAAA=.
    At the beginning of the last phase all can swap to pistol to attack from range.
    The last two CC Bars are skipped by /gg (20% , 10% ).

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPS classes

    Due to the special team composition it is hardly possible to play other classes. At least in group 1.
    If you have covered and with a and/or the following DPS classes are very suitable:

    (Power), (Power), (Power) , (Power), (Power)

    Build & Positioning

    &BiysAAA= must be used on Cooldown to generate for the group.

    &BtIwAAA= provides additional conditions for your . The is needed for more -damage.

    Try to generate as much as possible.

    You should take &B+YHAAA= to provide for the entire squad.

    should use &B48EAAA= to steal two each time.

    &BvV0AAA= is needed for more -damage. You should play with &AgEZSgEA.

  • Deimos



    It is important to note that you are not in two AoE sections of &Bp6UAAA=, as you will receive despite Aegis.

    The must coordinate its &BpKzAAA= with the to allow them to use &Bg11AAA= with the buff.

    Strategy Summary

    At the beginning of the fight all 4 chains should be destroyed at the same time.
    The main focus of this strategy is the damage during the phase, which allows you to get to the next phase within seconds.
    It is important to save your burst for these phases.
    There is no such thing as a hand kite. This task is also performed by the , which is the only and healing source.
    The bubble is bypassed with . The 50% and 25% sacrifice is sent down alone so the rest of the group can focus on DPS.
    The 50% green should gg directly after arriving on the other platform, otherwise too many &BvmTAAA= will spawn.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPS classes

    If is covered in your subgroup, the following specializations are very well suited as DPS:
    (Power) , (Power) , (Power), (Power) , (Power)

    Build & Positioning

    Prestack .
    Since &Bs2yAAA= does not scale with the , you can focus on your own DPS here. You can use &Bs2yAAA= during a to increase the Scholar Uptime, if the healing is lacking.
    CC with &BjJxAAA= Saul.

    One has to run &BpKzAAA=.
    Save &BpWyAAA= and your Burst for .
    Do 2-3 &Bt4wAAA=-AA before bursting into first .

    Kite &Bq2TAAA= close to the Group for &BrsjAAA= from the .
    Always Buff for consistent .
    Place spirits close to the group and try to heal them.

    Tank of .
    the &BlyUAAA= with &BvKiAAA=.
    Use Greatsword instead of Scepter for better burst.
    Use &BjSjAAA= to help Healing

    Make sure you enable &Bj84AAA= only when is active.
    Use &Bod2AAA= for the CC to Saul D’Allessio.
    Re-place your banners when you return from Saul D’Allessio.

    Start with a &BoIjAAA= and &BoojAAA= until the begins. Do the normal scepter burst for it. Make sure you are within range of the &Bq2TAAA= before using &BrsjAAA=.

    A should play &B0MCAAA= and use the &BhkkAAA= before the .

  • Soulless Horror



    If your is struggeling with pushing the Flesh Golem through , you can use a with &Bm4pAAA=. So your can push the Fresh Golem immediately away from the group once he spawned.
    If your is struggeling with Healing , both can run Minstrel Chronomancers with &BmF2AAA=  and &B8MHAAA= to heal the group.
    Your can run with &Bh52AAA= instead of &BtIwAAA= to have an additional push for the Flesh Golem.
    Try to not tank in the middle of the Plattform, otherwise the Flesh Golem will die immediately after he spawns.

    Strategy Summary

    The tactic for is not really different from the usual LFG tactics.
    There is only one responsible for , Heal and pushing the fleshgolem.
    Since there is no , the has to cleave as many worms as possible.
    The plays with , which is a DPS increase for all .
    Both Condition Support have to tank .

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPS Classes

    (Condition), (Condition),  (Condition), (Condition) , (Condition) , (Condition) , (Condition)

    Build & Positioning

    Play with .
    Use &BrUwAAA= before Golem spawns for cripple on Golem.
    Knock him out with &Bt8wAAA= .
    Use &Bq56AAA= a lot for Condition Cleanse

    Tank .
    Try to move as little as possible with .
    One can take &Bk9zAAA= for better CC.
    Use &Bj4oAAA= to Reflect Projectiles of Flesh Wurms.

    Take &B4YIAAA=and use &BuGxAAA=on Cooldown.
    CC with &BlyjAAA=.

    Use &AgGQrwAA instead of &AgHwXwAA
    Try to destroy the worms by using &BuN0AAA=.
    Use &Bod2AAA= for CC.

    Do not use &BvUnAAA= while FleshGolem is up.
    Care with &BvGqAAA= and &BruwAAA=, cause of Walls.
    You should delay your &Bi8oAAA= and &BvUnAAA= for the

  • Dhuum



    With this composition you should first define an order for the &BkcoAAA=.

    Strategy Summary

    The is kiter, healer and source at the same time.
    Furthermore, he blows on certain reapers, as the last enforcer from the pre-event will move towards the throne.
    The group tanks near the throne at the beginning. After the first &BlK8AAA= the group tanks slightly off center and phase the boss at 10%, ideally before the second green 3.
    Green 1: , Green 2:
    Green 3 is a special case here. The druid takes over as a tank after he did his green and the does the third green. Alternative can the person that gets the timb bomb shortly before green 3 do it, in which case no tank swap is required.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPS/Support Classes

    This composition does not work with other DPS or support classes because the s do a good amount of DPS, at the same time they generate via &BkcoAAA=.

    Build & Positioning

    Each plays with &BkcoAAA= to maintain .

    If you get you can jump back to with &Br0nAAA=.

    Two need to play with &BmUoAAA= instead of &BuMnAAA= to generate on the boss.

    &BtUnAAA= and &BtgnAAA= can be utilized to remove downtime of players coming/going to greens and exploding time bombs. Aswell as during the ritual to go in and out to trigger the reapers.

    You have to take Green 2.

    With the &Bn18AAA= you have to make the reapers at arrow and triangle invisible. For this you must have &BwUIAAA= equipped.

    Before the fight with the boss starts and before you go to your greens, you have to buff the group with so that the does not run out.

    You can use the to remove conditions from your allies after the &BlK8AAA=.

    Use &BiysAAA= at the start of the fight.

    Try to use &Bs2yAAA= after if possible, so that &AgEEYQAA has a higher uptime.

    Since you are the tank, you should stand as close as possible to the middle of s hitbox while using &BuGxAAA= for example.

    You have to take Green 1!
    If your doesn’t get the messenger before its green you can kite it.
    You can play with &BlM4AAA=, because you do not need &Bod2AAA=.

  • Conjured Amalgamate



    With the help of &BnsoAAA=, the can the swords.
    If the group needs little healing, the can switch to Condi-.
    If the is not enough, a can switch to the support variant.
    The Power- should communicate when they place their TIMEWARP.

    Strategy Summary

    The goal of this tactic is to kill the hands as quickly as possible so that the boss phase is reached quickly.
    The first hand is struck, after the group switches to the next hand and kills it with the swords from the first hand.
    The damage is delayed until the first swords are used on the boss.
    After the boss reaches 50% HP, the swords from the DPS phase are used on the hand to kill it directly.
    After 25% HP, both hands are killed using swords and the group damage. The boss should be cleaved.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative team composition

    Grp1: (Power), (Power), (Power), (Power), (Power), (Power), (Power), (Heal)
    Grp2: (Power)
    Grp3: (Alacrity)

    Alternative DPS classes:

    , Power-, Power-, Power-


    Build & Positioning

    You should play &BgNvAAA=, because &BuNpAAA= does not work on .

    Place banners in the middle.
    When collecting swords, you must continue to try to do as much damage as possible.
    Look at , otherwise your &BiE4AAA= won’t hit!

    Use &BkcoAAA= and &B+YHAAA= to provide for the entire squad.

    You can use &Bv12AAA= since the provide .

    You should play &BhkxAAA=, because &BpWyAAA= does not work on .

    Use &BmxzAAA= and &Bg1zAAA= to provide and to extend boons.

  • Nikare and Kenut



    Two play with &B+YHAAA=.
    Two play with &BkcoAAA=. All others play with &Bk9zAAA=.

    All but one of the play with &BqB0AAA=.

    Strategy Summary

    The squad splits at the platforms. On each side is one , 5 for Nikare and 3 for Kenut.
    The gives Kenut through his boonsteal.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPS classes
    In this teamcomposition, the classes cannot be changed, as the line-up would no longer work. Instead you should choose the alternative composition.

    Alternative composition
    , , , ,
    , , , ,
    Alternative DPS classes for the alternative composition:
    , , condi-

    Build & Positioning

    The &Bs0wAAA= is used for . Additionally the &Bs8wAAA= and the &BtIwAAA= are used.

    &BqB0AAA= should not be used at the end of the phase. Let the boss hit you to get 2 clones of &BkooAAA=.

  • Qadim



    should use always and only under the effect of &BpKzAAA=.
    Strip as many boons as possible with &BtsnAAA= and &BhWxAAA=.

    Strategy Summary

    Both go into the lamp and share boons for the group using
    The tanks the champions.
    The boss is kited by a in Phase 1, by the in Phase 2 and by the in Phase 3.
    The is skipped by DPS.
    Before the start of the DPS phase, one of the will place a &Bu4yAAA= to a Pyre that will lead to the boss. The other places one to the boss, which leads from the pyre back to the boss.
    At the beginning of the DPS phase the outside spawning magma elemental is killed.
    The Jumping Puzzle is skipped by &Bu4yAAA=.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative Team Composition:
    , , , ,
    , , , ,

    Alternative DPS Classes:

    Build & Positioning

    Has to place &BnayAAA= and &Bs2yAAA= on Boss to heal your Group.

    Use &Bu4yAAA=.
    is used under the effect of &BpKzAAA=. You should also have a &AgGTGgEA on your shortbow to further increase the duration of your boons.
    In the 2nd lamp one of the s has to keep so you have it directly for the DPS Phase for .

    Use &BtsnAAA= to strip boons from .

    You should take &BhWxAAA= to prevent from applying boons to himself.

    You have to coordinate &BpKzAAA= with your s . Also play with &BtEwAAA=.

  • Cardinal Adina



    has to tank.
    If you are too slow you should replace the Boon with a Boon , otherwise you cant upkeep 100% of all boons.
    If you are struggeling with or Healing you can swap out one for a

    Strategy Summary

    The boss is tanked by .
    Due to the massive burst, the pillar mechanic can be completly skipped.
    To achieve this strong burst 3 has to play with with &B0MCAAA= and  3 has to play with &BpWyAAA= and with &B8oFAAA=.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative Team Composition:
    , , , , , , ,

    Alternative DPS Classes:

    Build & Positioning

    Use &Bs2yAAA= at the beginning of each phase to heal your group.
    You should block the wave of Adina with &BmhyAAA=, as is a loss of critical hit chance.

    Has to play with &B8oFAAA=.

    You should have an extra staff with &AgGTGgEA for boon sharing and an extra staff for DPS.

    3 s should play with &B0MCAAA= and use their &BoUjAAA= at the beginning of the phase.
    Use &BrsjAAA= during split, as you can hit all 5 projectiles on the arm when standing at the edge of the platform.

    A should play &B0MCAAA= and use &BhkkAAA= before starting its rotation.

    You have to use &BpKzAAA= close to your so he gets it.
    You can use &BzAEAAA= instead of &B0YGAAA= because a lower cooldown of &BlkxAAA= is not needed.

  • Cardinal Sabir



    Everyone should run &AgE/YAAA.
    If the group isn’t fast enough at the boss, don’t use &BtUnAAA= as these will expire.
    The damage in the split phases should be agreed upon so that the whisps can be killed faster.
    Use the damage buffer that comes with .

    Strategy Summary

    Due to the high damage the phases are quickly over. In addition to that the are broken very quickly and you will be back in the DPSphase very quickly.
    since the are broken very quickly, you will be back in the DPSphase very quickly.
    The support opens a &BtUnAAA= from the 3rd platform to the last one to speed up the event. In addition, the power – &BtUnAAA= will be placed on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th platform and the support – will place it on the end of the long platform.
    When reaching 60% a &BtUnAAA= will be opened from the large platform to the 2nd small one after the event platforms have been moved.
    Afterwards a &BtUnAAA= is opened from the 2nd platform to the 3rd. Then from the 3rd to the 4th and finally from the 4th a &BtUnAAA= is placed at the end of the long platform.
    On the final platform no person goes outside, because the boss dies before the whisps could become dangerous.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative composition

    Grp1: (DPS), (DPS), (DPS), (DPS), (DPS), (DPS),  (Alacrity), (Heal)
    Grp2: (powerDPS), (support)

    Alternative DPSclasses
    , , Power-

    Build & Positioning

    Plays with &BtEwAAA=, &Bs8wAAA=and &Bs0wAAA= for more damage.

    Can play with &B9oGAAA= to relieve the and allow him to use &AgHnHQEA.

    Plays with &B8oFAAA=.

    Plays with &B+YHAAA= and gives to the whole squad.

    Plays the &AgGTYAAA build. Shatter &BineAAA= for the -DAMAGE with as many clones as possible.

    With &BptUAAA=, you can survive the Unbridled Tempest.

  • Qadim the Peerless



    The tethers should be coordinated.
    The firefield placement should be arranged.
    The of the anomaly should always be broken in firefields.

    Strategy Summary

    The fire fields are laid down to cover any pathways of the anomalies.
    The Tethers support the group with boons and with a DPSbuff.
    At 40%, the group continues to attack the boss. Due to the high damage he is jumping from one pylon to the next. This also happens with the next pylon.
    From 20% on the kiters are at the position of the maintank to tank the enemy tethers and to prevent the tethers from reaching the group.

    Alternative classes

    Alternative DPSclasses
    , Power-,

    Build & Positioning

    Should take &BsEjAAA= to prevend the of Qadim. Can also distribute in the &BhOlAAA=.

    The banners can be placed so that they reach the group and a kiter.

    Breaks the of the anomalies with his pets. If there is more damage needed you can use &BtR7AAA=and &BsowAAA=.

    Can leave his clones on the boss for boonremoval.

    Two of the play with &B4YIAAA=.

    Stand as close as possible to the group so that they can get more easily connect with the Tethers.